Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Conversation about God and Our Mission on Earth

This is a conversation I had with a friend on Facebook. If you have questions or would like to talk, I'm open for it! Ask me any question and I'll answer it with love:)

10/4, 5:25am

Hi sister!

•Princess JoJo
10/4, 8:35am


11/17, 7:50am
How are you sister?

11/17, 8:26am
Hi! You are quiet...

•Princess JoJo
11/17, 1:14pm

 My sister is really good, how are you?

11/18, 7:56am

Am fine, so am not talking with Princess Jojo?

•Princess JoJo
11/18, 11:44pm
Yes, this is Jovine


ok, so how are you? Are you of the Gilead message?

•Princess JoJo

I'm good! I've been to Gilead and I know people up there, but I don't know about the message...

So you go which church?
And how was Gilead to you as you went there. What did you feel about the place ?

•Princess JoJo
It's a really nice place. Everyone is nice and it's beautiful, too! The scenery is great!
I don't go to church

Its nice if you have liked the place. Yea, its a place where God is working with His people, that is why you find it nice. God's people are the best people on earth! Be encouraged to go to church since that is where the hope of human beings is. Its a wonderful thing to draw near to God, it brings a richer dimension to our lives.

•Princess JoJo

Yeah, church is a good place to go, but it's not the only place to find God. Gilead isn't the only place that holds God's people. God is inside of you and all around you. God created us equal to God and that makes us Gods as well. In order to gain access to our inner God, we must accept the full love and light, in which we were created. That is our true essence.


Those are ideas of what is called the new age movement, I read of it long time ago. God is a Personal being who created us all. If you try to talk of a God within human beings then how did man and all creation come into being?

•Princess JoJo

God created us. He made us in his image and in his likeness, so basically, we are little Gods. We have the ability to create. Birthing children is a small step of creation. We can do so much more, but we haven't tapped into that.


Try to concentrate on the Bible, praying to the One God who did not only create us but He also sent Jesus Christ John 3:16 to die and redeem us from destruction. I think if you have gone to Gilead its a good thing to see and inquire which is really the way for human beings to go forward. Time is very short for people to make decisions, God is making last steps to bring to an end the rein of sin. I hope you consider my exhortation and allow God to help you make the best choice for your life. May we keep interacting friend.

•Princess JoJo

Point well made, but here's the thing. God is love. He loves us. The bible has truth, but there are also many faults to the bible. God did not write the bible, man did and during that time, man was very corrupt. There are actually 600 books in the bible. Not 66.

Now, think about it. God is love, and there is no denying that. But why would he punish us? He says we are all equal, yet only certain people are meant to prospure and survive. Why is that?

And that is where man comes in. During the time of the creation of the bible, man was evil. The intensions of some human beings on this earth were not good. Man wanted control of this earth and the people on it, so they used the one person we loved against us.

God is love! Why would he punish us? I will tell you right now, that God does NOT believe in any form of punishment.

How did man use God against us?


We love God so much but we don't know how to communicate with him, so we use a middle man.

But that middle man doesn't have good intensions, so he manipulates the only source of information that we have, in order to control us with fear.
What do we need to redeem ourselves for? God loves us! He would NEVER destroy us.

And there will be no destruction of the earth, also known as Mother Gaia. All evil energies have been removed from this planet, so the only thing holding you back from complete happiness is yourself.

God is love. Nothing less.

I only want to urge you to consider the points I have made above. Nice time to you, I care for you.

•Princess JoJo

I have considered yours, that's why I have you that answer. I also care for you, very dearly. I love you no less than God does.

•Princess JoJo

Another thing. God created us equal to himself.

Why do we need to pray to him?

We were created free. Meaning that we have free will to do whatever we want.

God will NEVER take away our free will, or do anything against our will unless we ask for his help.

God never wanted us to worship Him. He just wanted our love.

You can communicate with God, through meditation.
 When you connect with your inner God, that is when you truly become One with God and the whole universe.

I've been working on becoming One with God and I've never been more happy:)

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Sunday, November 17, 2013


It's been a while since I've posted on here, so hi!

Recently, my family and I have gone through some things (nothing big), with people that we care about and love.

I listened to some messages by rainbowabundance, on youtube, and I realized something.

Everything happens for a reason.

Bottom line.

I was getting so frustrated and annoyed with what was going on and that frustration developed into feelings of annoyance and I forgot about Love.

I lost some of the love I have for the situation that was going on and that is so not 5th dimensional thinking.

This situation has to happen in order for the people involved to get better and I can do nothing but support those people.

My job isn't to judge or ridicule or get frustrated and annoyed.

My job is to love and support no matter how much something provokes me and that is something I will work hard to do.

I hope you all do the same.

You have my love and support:)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Money. Money. Money.

I swear, that's all people think about. Yes, money is how you make things happen, but stop worrying about it.

Stop worrying about how you are going to make money or where that money is going to come from.

Believe that you have plenty. Believe that you are abundant. Believe that your life is wonderful and just the way you want it.

That's not reality, you say?

Okay, then tell me, what is?

Is reality busting your butt everyday trying to make a dollar? Is reality giving up the happiness you've been craving, in order to make more money?

Money is just paper. Money isn't love, compassion, or kindness. Money isn't patient or understanding. Money doesn't have a heart.

But God does. And so do the people around you. The people you live with and the people who support you.

Nobody enjoys being stressed out over whether or not they will have food on the table or have a house to live in.

And for goodness sake, stop trying to do everything alone!

You aren't alone! You have soooo many people or beings who will support you and who want to lend a helping hand.

And don't ever forget that God is always willing to give a helping hand. God is your number one supporter and he has always been with you, waiting for you to ask him for help.

So, are you still going to allow money to occupy your mind and cause those grey hairs and stress wrinkles?

I'm not.

I'm Feeling Good

Even though it's only been practically one day, I have never felt better!

I sent the letter to my teachers, the school principal, and even a few family members and friends.

When I woke up today, I released my third dimensional ego and fully embraced my Higher Being. Once I let my previous actions seep in, I have never felt better!

The feeling of being trapped is no longer with me and I finally feel free and happy!

Gosh, this is the happiest I've ever been and I really hope that their others out their who can begin to feel this light happiness as well:)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Breaking Free of 3D Institution: School

This is a letter I wrote to my school. I'm so tired of putting up with things that make me unhappy, and I'm taking a stand. Enjoy:)

To All My Teachers,

          I, Jovine Marcotte, have made the decision to pull out of school and work toward my GED.

          To most, or all of you, this might seem highly illogical. I am taking the opportunity to open up to you and express my feelings, philosophy, and decisions.

          I would like for you all to take a deep breath and open your minds to what I’m about to say. Let go of all the “what-if’s” or “maybe that won’t happen” and think positive.

          Ever since 7th grade, I have realized that the school system’s method for learning does not work for me. I am passionate about learning new information; however, I choose to not partake in this learning if it is not from a pure source. The system we children are put into is dishonest, even the information is based on half-truths. The government set up these systems to basically train kids to work under a very systematic and controlled environment. I’m not trying to “rebel” or “act out”. I am simply stating the facts that I, myself, have accumulated over the years of my experience of finding a method of learning that works for me, and I have. I have found a method that has my personal interests at heart and that takes my way of thinking into consideration.

          My philosophy is this: You love God, right? Whether you’re a Christian, Baptist, Buddhist, or whatever you categorize yourself as, you love God. Put the bible aside; put your deity aside, put statistics aside and feel. You know that God loves you and you love Him. He tells you to cast your cares on him, yet you second guess that promise and start thinking that you can’t accomplish that goal because of the people around you or the world you are living in. Why would you change your train of thought to accommodate others? Isn’t the world supposed to accommodate you? Yes, sometimes it is good to make a temporary change to yourself, in order to help others relate to you, but that doesn’t mean you need to change who you are and how you feel. By changing your feelings to please others, you are basically giving up your free will.

          I have also decided to leave school because the time of Ascension is upon us and I am on the brink of reaching the pinnacle. Of course I am going to get my GED, but that comes second to Ascension. Ascension is basically accepting the love of God and allowing yourself to be released of all negative thoughts, memories, feelings, and actions, so that you can translate to God’s level and fully become one with Him. Once you have done that, nothing can stand in your way. The only thing that can stand in your way is yourself. Once you are on the path of Ascension, you will notice that you are less stressed, money is no longer an object, you are much happier…I mean, basically, you feel complete. And being complete or one with God is such a wonderful, WONDERFUL thing, and I hope you all will someday like to take part in this.

          I thank you all for your time and for helping me to conclude my research on what works best for me.

          If you are worried about how I am going to “make a living” or “get my full education” or have the job I want, be at ease. My goal, right now, is to open people up to love and light and help them to reach the love and light they have desperately been trying find. Bringing joy and happiness to others brings joy and happiness to me and that is what I will work toward until this wonderful earth is healed.

          Again, thank you for reading this. I am not seeking to be approved of because I know that God, my family, myself, and all of God’s creation are supporting me and believe in me no matter what road I so choose.

          All I ask is that you support me as well.


                                      Most Sincerely with Love and Light,

                                                Jovine Marcotte